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Wolfpack MMA offers private lessons for the general public. Now, we’re making our offer free to you, so take advantage of it!

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No Structure

When you start out at Wolfpack MMA, you will going through a specialized beginner program. In these classes, you will be learning from a specific and organized training curriculum designed to instruct you on the fundamentals and prepare you to advance to the higher level classes. The beginner classes are also designed to get those who are out of shape into amazing shape!

No Certified Trainers

All of our head coaches are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Certified with verifiable tournament experience. Head Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coach Jerry Gonzalez is a well versed black belt and has been practicing BJJ for over 10 years.  Coach Quaint “KO” Kempf, who has competed in boxing since age 11, is also a professional MMA fighter for Legacy Fighting Championships as well as Bellator Fighting Championships. Quaint has trained with some of the preeminent figures in mixed martial arts over the years and brings a vast amount of real life experience to every class.

No Personal Attention

At most schools, once class is over, that’s it. At Wolfpack, we are a team. Every month we have team outings, UFC parties, and more. We treat everyone like family and take your training just as seriously as you do. Ever known an owner to give free kids lessons on Saturday? We do, it happens every week here because we are dedicated to the success of our students. As we like to say…”Our only goal is to help you reach yours.”

No Student Safety

Many MMA and BJJ schools will throw you to the wolves before you even know how to throw a punch or defend yourself. What kind of first experience is that? It doesn’t make sense to put someone who has never trained a day in their life, in the same class with someone who has been training 3 or 4 years. This is how people get hurt and at the end of the day no one benefits. At Wolfpack, we know no one comes to class to get hurt and will always have separate classes and curriculum for our new and advanced students.

No Guarantee

If you are not confident in your product, how can you guarantee results? Take a look around and see how many schools offer an IRON CLAD 90 day money back guarantee to their members. We believe in what we do and are willing to make the ultimate statement to back it up.

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